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Our Story

It all started with a mad obsession...

We started with researching what it took to make the world’s best dumplings by travelling to Michelin Star restaurant Din Tai Fung and Shanghai, and then found our very own “dumpling master” to join our team after having run his own dumpling bar in Shanghai for 30 years.


Following months of research and hundreds of dumpling tastings - Pot Sticker was born. Pot sticker comes from the street name for pan fried dumplings, although at Pot Sticker dumpling bar, you can also get your dumplings steamed. No matter how you like them though you can expect the dumpling dough hugging tightly around fresh cooked prawns or free range meats, ready to dip in the deliciously authentic hot chili sauce.  


At Pot Sticker we don't cheat with machines or MSG- all of our dumplings are handmade everyday using the recipes and techniques passed down from generations of mighty fine dumpling makers. Our master chefs hand-make our dumpling dough every morning, prepares locally sourced vegetables and herbs as well as selecting beautiful free-range meats on a daily basis. Ensuring we use the freshest of local ingredients, means our flavours and menu does change regularly but the mouth-watering classics like the Little Pig’n’Chive and Cluckin good Coriander are always available.


Chinese dumpling masters work behind a glass wall in the restaurant experimenting with new flavours and obsessing about the freshness and quality of the dumplings we produce. Some say we have an unhealthy relationship with these little potstickers - maybe, but we think that's what makes them so damn good.


If you’re as serious about eating legendary dumplings as we are then watch this space because it won't be long before the rest of New Zealand knows it too. 

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